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Hylyte guard rail, wire rope and concrete barrier delineators are manufactured in Australia from an injection moulded nylon and UV protected PVC. The high-quality substrate and design return them to the original position after impact maintaining continuous roadside delineation at all times.

Rural Address
Hylyte first developed rural property identification for the benefit of emergency services. The property numbering system facilitates quick response times and the precise location of an emergency for emergency services. Our products include single and multiple digit property identification systems.
Road Pro® is a leading range of traffic safety, car park and road construction site products. Road Pro® products are solutions for both temporary and permanent safety applications.
About Us

Hylyte is a market leading manufacturer of delineation products for guardrail, bridge rail, concrete barriers and rural address marker posts. Hylyte also distributes a full range of road and construction safety products through our Road-Pro range.

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